Welcome back and Happy New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year

Dear BoMRA Team,
Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a joyful and restful holiday season. As we enter a new year full of potential and opportunities, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of you. I hope the festive holidays provided you with moments of happiness, rejuvenation, and quality time with your loved ones. The success of our Authority is a result of the commitment, hard work, and enthusiasm that each team member brings. As we face the challenges and obstacles that the coming year will bring, let’s approach our tasks with renewed energy and eagerness.

I want to remind everyone about the Regulatory Information Management System (BRIMS) which is currently being rolled out. This integrated system will transform the delivery our regulatory functions, allowing us to track timelines and applications, store reports, monitor workloads, improve turnaround times, and enhance overall efficiency. I further wish to emphasize the importance of maintaining our focus on maturity level three(3) We have come a long way in our work towards maturity level three(3) and I urge everyone to remain focused on achieving this important milestone in our regulatory journey.

In line with our wellness initiative, I encourage all of you to adopt healthy eating habits and engage in regular exercise. Your health is paramount, and by prioritizing a balanced lifestyle, you not only improve your physical well-being but also cultivate a positive mindset and increase productivity in all aspects of your life and work. Remember, small, consistent efforts towards a healthier lifestyle can lead to long-term benefits.

Once again, welcome back, colleagues! May 2024 be a year of growth, innovation, and shared accomplishments.

Best regards,
Dr. Seima Dijeng (A) CEO


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