Public Education

Engaging stakeholders regularly remains a critical pillar to help drive the Authority’s mandate. Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BoMRA) has taken the responsibility to educate and to ensure that stakeholders are privy to guidelines, initiatives, and/or accurate information about medicines regulation to promote human and animal health. It is important to ensure that the medicines that are available for use in Botswana are of good quality, safe and efficacious, and comply with international standards.

COVID-19 has changed the world. It has cost lives, overwhelmed health systems, and destroyed livelihoods. Despite the darkness of the past 30 months, there are now signs of hope and recovery. We saw businesses rapidly innovate to keep food, services, and goods flowing during lockdowns.”

Companies have stepped up to support those in need. In one of the great triumphs of modern science, multiple vaccines have been developed in record time and BoMRA has always been there to ensure that Batswana receives safe vaccines. We are beginning to see a few sectors open up lifting COVID-19 restrictions and giving businesses the okay to reopen at 100%.

Medicine safety continues to come to the attention of the wider public. Public health education plays an important role at the national, tribal, and local levels in making the public aware of the vaccines that are recommended for them. The Ministry of Health and Wellness in partnership with BoMRA applied communication science and best practices to create materials and tools to improve the public’s awareness about the vaccines that are available to and recommended for them. This saw the two parties communicate the benefits of immunization, and any known side effects of vaccination at Kgotla meetings and Health Facilities.

The visits were conducted at the following regions: Kgalagadi District, North East District, Ghandzi District, Central District, Okavango, and Chobe district.

Medicine regulation in Botswana continues to evolve and as such it is upon the Authority to ensure that it executes its mandate of delivering quality and transparent market authorization services, to reduce incidents of substandard and falsified medicines and related substances, and create awareness and improved trust to the general public, stakeholders and health industry in the medicines and related substances regulatory system in Botswana.