From the CEO’s Desk

From the CEO’s Desk

Dr Seima Dijeng Acting CEO

From the CEO’s Desk

As we are in the last or 4th quarter of the year it is important that we finish the year strong and start off the new calendar year on a positive note.

Now that we have entered 2023, many of you may have already set goals for the year in the form of New Year resolutions. These may include “earn a new qualification,” “take up a new hobby,” “save money.” Of course, each of us has a variety of goals. The key point is that these goals must help us achieve our ideal lives. Goals that are easily achieved don’t get us very close to where we should be, and they don’t lead to a fulfilling life

Let me begin by welcoming new staff members to the Authority. Every employee has to prove his or her competence in his or her role through the role playing process. This experience generates loyal employees who, in turn, are instrumental in creating loyal client experience.

I am pleased to also announce to you our new Medicines Regulatory Board. These individuals are already connected and loyal to our cause. Serving on the board is an opportunity for them to support our organization. Plus, they understand our organization’s backend processes.

True to the BoMRA values of team building and efficiency the BoMRA board and management convened at Phakalane Convention Center in a quest to strategically align for the purpose of organizational development.

The board and management retreat was one way for board members and management to explore, address, review, clarify roles, set goals and priorities. The three day session was to develop a cohesive plan for key points indicators for the strategy. This retreat allowed for focused discussion and strategic thinking about how to best serve the Authority and stakeholders.

A strong, vibrant board of directors and management is a clear indicator of a healthy organization. Even the strongest organizations need a periodic check-up to ensure sustainability. Reflection is deliberate and structured thinking about choices hence the board and management retreat. It is an integral step in the learning process and for improving our practice. Through reflection, board members and management can look clearly at their successes and struggles and consider options for change and action for the upcoming year.

The strategy retreat also provided an ideal opportunity for team building and encouraged active participation from all board members and management. It was also a major opportunity for discussion and development of shared views about strategy both among directors and between the board and senior management.


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